Now Under New Management

Last year, the Michigan Health Sciences Library Association developed a new Strategic Plan. Developing a MHSLA blog to better communicate with our membership was one of the objectives laid out in the plan. Other strategic goals include educating members about new technologies and technological “tools of the trade.” The blog can serve those goals as well.

MHSLA offers its members many opportunities to contribute, network, and grow in their profession through participation in a variety of committees. This membership year, I have selected the MHSLA Publications committee and the MHSLA Blog as the area where I would like to make my contribution. I’d like to encourage every MHSLA member to think about where they can contribute. Committee chairs often find themselves to be a “committee of one” and would love to hear from willing volunteers.

As I post this, I’m working on an “About MHSLA Blog” page that will outline the types of information and topics we hope to cover here. This won’t be written in stone; please feel free to send me additional ideas. I’d love to hear from you.

Sandy Swanson, MHSLA Blog editor


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