How the Internet is Changing Health Care

A couple of  stories posted at the Pew Internet & American Life Project  describe recent reports on “e-patient” use of the Internet to obtain information about their own health conditions – or that of a relative, neighbor or friend who is not so conversant with using the Internet.

Doctor-directed Health Resources  describes a recent Pew report, E-Patients with a Disability or Chronic Disease.  The report indicates that patients whose doctors direct them to vetted Internet sites for information do better than those seeking information on their own.  Patients with chronic disease are more likely than other “e-patients” to report that their Internet searches affected “treatment decisions, their interactions with their doctors, their ability to cope with their condition, and their dieting and fitness regimen.”

The Pew commentary also links an NPR story that expands on the E-Patients report, with patient interviews and information from additional resources.   Patients turn to the Internet for Health Information at the NPR website includes both a transcript and an audio file.

The second Pew post  links to a new Internet video series, Digital Health Revolution, at; Pew’s Susannah Fox is among the first guests.  ScribeMedia also produced a really cool 5-minute History of Medicine video and has an additional Health section at their website.  These are free resources, but in streaming video, which may be blocked by some hospital Internet filters.

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