October is Health Literacy Month

The editor of Research Activities reports in the October 2007 issue that October is Health Literacy Month. Information about the agency’s efforts to promote health literacy can be found at http://www.ahrq.gov/browse/hlitix.htm. Research Activities is available free online at http://www.ahrq.gov/research/resact.htm.

The newsletter reports the availability of two newly published articles:

1. Andrulis DP, Brach C. Integrating literacy, culture, and language to improve health care quality for diverse populations. Am J Health Behav 2007; 31 (Suppl 1): S122-S133.

“The authors present a vision for an integrated approach to health literacy and cultural and linguistic competence that illustrates the important roles that both clinicians and health care organizations play,” reports AHRQ. Reprints of this article are available from AHRQ. [PMID: 17931131]

2. Guerra CE; Shea JA. Health Literacy and perceived health status in Latinos and African Americans. Ethn Dis 2007 Spring; 17: 305-312. [PMID: 17682363]

This study examines the relationships between health literacy and minorities’ perceptions of their physical and mental health status.


2 Responses

  1. The University of Michigan Health Sciences Libraries has developed a Libguide for health professionals and consumers to “Improve Health Literacy.” Please feel free to share or provide feedback on our effort.


    Kate MacDougall

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