When I demo MedlinePlus, one of the features that always gets a positive response is the collection of Flash tutorials.

Now, I’m jazzing up my library webpages by including links to Flash tutorials offered by the various database vendors. The tutorials I’ve found so far don’t require that the user be logged in to the product. Here’s the list:

STAT!Ref: http://www.statref.com/FlashDemos/STATRefTutorial.html

STAT!Ref Anatomy.TV: http://www.statref.com/FlashDemos/AnatomyTVTutorial.html

STAT!Ref MedCalc 3000: http://www.statref.com/FlashDemos/MedCalc3000Tutorial.html

EBSCO CINAHL basic searching: http://support.epnet.com/training/flash_videos/CINAHLBasicSearching.html

CINAHL advanced searching: http://support.epnet.com/training/flash_videos/CINAHLAdvancedSearching.html

Want to build your own Flash tutorials? Try Wink, a free software to download for capturing screenshots and building Flash presentations. Building some tutorials has been on my “to do” list for many months now.

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