Social skills tips

In customer service, or responsible for training people in customer service? Check out the Positivity Blog: How to improve your social skills: 8 tips from the last 2500 years. This post quotes the classics (Epictetus, Hemingway, Mae West) to support the “8 tips”:

  1. Listen
  2. Actually be interested in the other person
  3. Don’t listen too much to criticism
  4. Don’t babble on & on
  5. Treat others as you would like them to treat you
  6. Keep a positive attitude
  7. Use silence
  8. Communicate with more than your words

Other personal development topics at the Positivity Blog include time management; overcoming nervousness; sparking creativity; quickly turning a negative mood into a positive one; using “the cone of silence” to improve focus.

Thanks to Stephen Abrams in Stephen’s Lighthouse for the link.


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