Slide Sharing sites

A few weeks ago, a physician asked me to find a slide-sharing website that he had heard about through word-of-mouth. I came up with Slideshare: .

I’ve just run across another: AuthorStream: . Like Slideshare, AuthorStream allows presenters to upload and share presentations. The site includes animated presentations and presentations with audio. However, downloading presentations is not currently supported.

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  1. Excellent, Sandy.

    These two are favorites (SlideShare is really great: check out the Best Presentations contest they hold as well).

    A couple of others I like include: and

    All have their strengths and weaknesses (such as maintaining formatting and ease of sharing with others, security and presentation updating online). is what we’ve built our company around. But Google Docs we use internally (within our corporate firewall).

    Mark Alan Effinger

  2. Hi, Mark,
    Thanks for the pointers. The first link hasn’t been working for me today, though.

    And imagine my surprise to find that Google Docs isn’t available to me – my institution filters out “file sharing” sites! I’ve used it at home, though, to share documents in a MHSLA Research Committee project.

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  4. I need more sites.. Can you pls help me out.

  5. thanks for the tips. now there are more good slidesharing sites available which include like

  6. presentation sites are fine but i think we should work on the wikis thing. these are a good way to share information and collaborate with other people. it allows massive people to edit documents.

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