Open Access follow-up

Additional links relating to the previous story about University of Michigan’s institutional repository:

Deep Blue repository site at University of Michigan: . This site includes a search feature as well as information about Deep Blue.

Announcement at Taubman library’s blog:

For an introduction to Open Access, see Peter Suber’s overview: . Keep up with open access issues at his Open Access News:

One Response

  1. Hi,I see that you write about follow-up Open Access,so I will be free to say a couple words about OA benefits.
    For the most part, the direct users of research articles are other researchers.
    Open access helps researchers as readers by opening up access to articles that their libraries do not subscribe to.
    All researchers benefit from OA as no library can afford to subscribe to every scientific journal and most can only afford a small fraction of them.
    OA is free for all to read, and to use (or reuse) to various extents.
    In OA you have free access to material (mainly scholarly publications) via the Internet.

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