The Web of the Future

Metz C: Web 3.0.  PC Magazine (, posted 17 Mar. 2007.,1895,2102852,00.asp

About a year ago, PC Magazine posted an article describing potential future development of the web. Some possibilities:

  • The Semantic Web – improves search capabilities (or page design) so that search engines find meaning rather than keywords: Paris Hilton? or the Hilton in Paris?
  • 3D Web – a virtual space we can walk through. House-shopping in another city? Take a virtual walk through the neighborhood.
  • Media-Centric Web- improving search capabilities beyond “keyword search” to improve our search agents’ abilities to find non-text-based information. 
  • Pervasive Web – the Web is everywhere.  Your laundry tells your washer, “cold water wash, gentle cycle”; your windows close themselves when it starts raining; the GPS and physiologic monitors in your sneakers tell you where you’ve been and how many calories you’ve burned…or where to find the nearest Starbucks…

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