Medical blogs raise privacy concerns

National Public Radio’s Morning Edition today featured a story about blogging by doctors. This brief report touches on various types of blogging by physicians – from case reports to management problems like malpractice suits to venting about problem patients difficult cases. One interviewee — a psychiatrist — suggests that doctors who use blogs to vent should seek therapy rather than airing their feelings in public. Another physician suggests that the blogs are useful since they offer patients a behind-the-scenes look at medicine. He advises, though, not to take case reports at face value since details will have been changed to protect patient confidentiality. Read the transcript or listen to the audio: Doctor blogs raise concerns about privacy:

(Corrected copy 3/14/08 ss)

One Response

  1. It is quite unsettling to have blogs about doctors ranting about their patients. I wouldn’t want to be the subject of a physician’s long-winded rant about how difficult a patient I was. Aside from me losing my trust in that doctor, I’d my medical issues would be for all the world to see. I could see one solution though: they could use blogs with privacy features such as i.PH, where they can choose who can see those entries.

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