Clinical Questions

One challenge I’ve faced in developing evidence-based practice classes and tools is coming up with appropriate clinical questions to use for examples.

NLM has a tool to help with this challenge: a databank of clinical questions, at

The ClinicalQuestions Collection is a growing repository of questions that have been collected from healthcare providers in clinical settings across the country. The questions are submitted by investigators who wish to share their data with other researchers. The database stores only questions; it does not contain the answers to these questions. The site does not make judgments about the validity or appropriateness of these questions, but rather serves as a repository of questions for others to study and analyze. We hope that this collaborative process will generate a rich set of varied healthcare provider questions, thereby fostering additional research in this area. 

— About Clinical Questions Collection 

The collection is searchable and browsable.  Search options include limiting by specialty (Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Practice), patient sex or age group, and disease or condition.

Update: In February 2010, I was advised that the link to the database was broken. On checking with the NLM Helpdesk, I’m told that the Lister Hill Center is no longer supporting this database. The Clinical Questions Collection is now archived behind the firewall and no longer available to the public.


One Response

  1. Hi, Sandy,

    Thank you for posting the message. I tried to locate the clinical question collection website. But I can’t find it anywhere. Your link is a broken one.

    Hope all is well.


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