I had lunch with a group of medical librarians & library staff last month, and we started comparing our most memorable adventures.  I took my son skydiving for his 23rd birthday; Mary has a medal for ziplining in Alaska; Etta’s a world traveler, telling us about visiting tunnels in the Holy Land excavated by soldiers in King David’s time; Judy recently went swimming with the sharks in Galapagos; Jennifer has climbed the Great Pyramid in Egypt; Jodi’s a spelunker. 

Be all that you can be, in the library…

Looking forward to our next adventure: MLA in Hawaii, May 15-20, 2009.  Start planning now; the MLA09 Wiki has a page of suggestions for saving money to afford the trip, and a draft of the preliminary program has been posted at   They’re planning to start events at 6:30 am, since most of us will be in a new time zone, and conference sessions will end in mid-afternoon so we’ll have lots of daylight left for touristy stuff.  Anyone for a volcano tour?

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