Two more weeks to the Midwest MLA/MHSLA conference

Just two more weeks before the start of the 2008 Midwest MLA/MHSLA Conference, Vital Signs: Keeping You and Your Library Vibrant and Healthy, from October 17th  to 21st at the Troy Marriott in Troy, MichiganComplete information about the conference is available at .

There is still time to register online at

If you know of colleagues who are flying into the Detroit Metro Airport, please let them know there is an option to coordinate a shared taxi ride to the Marriott hotel in Troy. Due to distance and current fuel prices the trip is costly.  If they want help finding others willing to share a ride to the hotel, as soon as they have booked a flight send an email to Patty Supnick at .

1. “08 Conf Transpo” in the subject line
2. flight information – airline, flight number, arrival day and time
3. contact information

We will send them the names of those willing to share a ride who are arriving around the same time. They may contact them and coordinate their trip to the hotel. We cannot guarantee a ride share so will let you know if there are none that have come to our attention.

To see transportation options on the conference website go to .

2008 Midwest MLA/MHSLA Planning Committee


Helen Look, MSI-LIS, AHIP

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