When Technology Fails

It’s been one of those kinds of weeks (or months) — at any given time, one or more of the 10 workstations I’m responsible for is misbehaving in some fashion. They’re all “locked down,” so even if I knew how to solve the problem, I would still have to call corporate headquarters across the state to “log an issue” (don’t you love techspeak) so a tech guy in my building will come upstairs and fix it.

So I was intrigued by a Pew Internet survey report, When technology fails.

As gadgets become more important to people, their patience wears thin when things break.

No surprise there.

The survey looks at how users respond to breakdowns of home Internet access, desktop/laptop computers, cell phones, Blackberries/PDAs, and mp3 players: how they react, how they feel, how they resolve the problems.

I found it interesting that adults over 50 years of age are significantly more likely to contact user support for help. Learned behavior, I would think, for those of use who have worked in corporate America for a while….

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