TED talks

I started this post a week ago…but I keep getting distracted when I go to the TED Talks site.  So plan on taking some time to explore when you follow this link!

A decade ago, I attended a couple of lectures given by futurists who predicted trends based on a seemingly random selection of news clippings.  Some of the predictions have panned out — for example, one futurist predicted that genetics and medicine practiced at a molecular level would be the “next big thing” in healthcare.

Well, for random selections of interesting materials that just might show us the way to the future, you can’t beat the Internet.

Here’s a site to stimulate thought: TED: Ideas worth spreading. The site hosts videos of talks on a variety of themes such as science, technology, art, design. One of my favorite themes is “unconventional explanations.”  With run times between 15 and 30 minutes, the videos present thought-provoking approaches to their topics; for example, the talk on General Tso’s Chicken explores history, culture, racism, opportunity, adaptation, intellectual property, and  top-down vs. viral spread of ideas (menu choices).

I think I’ll go look at the new video about skycars…or maybe the one about dinosaurs…

via Clinical Cases and Images

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  1. TED Talks work very well with iPod Touch for offline viewing.

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