Snow day – catching up on library blogs

Glad to be in here, not out there, as the snow continues to fall…

I don’t offer “virtual reference” as such, as a solo librarian, but I found David Lee King’s post, Ask-a-librarian services need a reboot, thought-provoking.  How do we prioritize service requests? And how do we advise our patrons of likely wait times without seeming to put them off? 

John Mark Ockerbloom at Everybody’s Libraries reminds us that January 1 is Public Domain Day in  Public Domain Day 2009: Freeing the Libraries. The post reviews public domain rules under U.S. Copyright law and the Berne Convention, celebrating the additional works that came into public domain the first of the year. Ockerbloom calls on libraries to track when works they hold come under public domain, to digitize them and make them publicly available.

Baby Boomer Librarian Bill Drew points us to a new MaintainIT Cookbook from WebJunction.  This toolkit, part of TechSoup’s Planning for Success series for library management, includes downloadable chapters to assist in developing technology plans, guidelines for collaborating with stakeholders, daily management of public computers, etc.

And from Michelle Kraft’s The Krafty Librarian, Using Delicious for Subject Guides refers us to an article by Edward Corrado of Birmingham University detailing a project using the social bookmarking site to create online subject guides.  Kraft’s post and its comments link to a couple of medical libraries with similar project.  This kind of project is on my very long to-do list…

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