Healthy computing

I work at a couple of reference desks where we share workstations, so they’re not quite customized to my personal characteristics. They’re mostly OK, but one is set up with the monitor too high, and I sometimes have neck pains from trying to find the right spot to read the screen with my progressive lenses. (That’s waaay beyond bifocals, for you young folks.)  And I’m writing this while slouching on the couch with my new laptop, so, time to review ergonomics again…

OSHA Ergonomic Solutions offers a checklist to help evaluate  problem areas, along with hazards and likely solutions for the problems identified.

Lenovo offers ergonomic guidelines for setting up and using workstations to promote healthy use at the Healthy Computing section of their website.

Another site,, focuses on  preventing repetitive stress injuries.

Thanks to: Worker’s Edge

Interested in more about ergonomics?  Try a search at MedlinePlus, to find links to ergonomics for construction work, using small hand tools, and even performing hysterectomies!

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