Visual search displays

Biomedicine on Display points us to  search-cube, a search engine powered by Google,, and Symmetri.  Results are displayed as a 3D cube, weighted toward images.  A search for “Michigan Health Sciences Library Association MHSLA” displays images from this and other blogs as well as the front pages of the MHSLA website and MHSLA blog.  It’s not comprehensive — the information seems to come from the first few pages of a Google search — but a creative way to look at results.

Science Roll brings another visual search display to our attention: Wikipedia Roll, a mashup that organizes results of a Wikipedia search into clusters of related information.  For example, a search for “medical library” offers the text of the Wikipedia article on the topic, a cluster of key elements, a cluster of associations, and a cluster called “see also”, with links to the National Library of Medicine, Fred Kilgour, and the Canadian Health Sciences Library Association, among others.  The clusters and results box can be moved around the screen, and clicking a link from the display (such as “National Library of Medicine”) performs a Wikipedia Roll search on that topic.

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