Merck & Elsevier

A story coming out of Australian Federal Court is highlighting questionable practices, not only by drug companies, but also by STM publishing giant Elsevier,  in the promotion of the now-withdrawn anti-arthritis drug Vioxx.  It’s reported that drug companies ghostwrite articles favorable to their products, then shop around for a “lead author.”  Excerpta Medica, a division of Elsevier, also created a reprint-type publication, giving it the appearance of a peer-reviewed journal titled “Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine,” featuring favorable articles.   

Merck’s Ghostwriters, Haunted Papers and Fake Elsevier Journals , in Laika’s MedLibLog, details the issues raised by these troubling practices.

Eagle Dawg Blog comments as well: Elsevier*: An ethically responsible call to action. (Print out your own copy of the “Cod of Ethics”)


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