Top 10 web trends 2010

CNN’s list includes technologies that have been around for a while, but might be coming to the fore in the next 12 months:

  1. Real-time: Twitter, Facebook, instant messaging, iPod Internet posting apps, etc. – followed by smartphones, anytime, anywhere
  2. Location-based services, driven by GPS
  3. Augmented reality – Imagine visiting a location in person, receiving information from sources like Wikipedia and restaurant review sites, on your smartphone, based on GPS
  4. Content “curation” – CNN mentions using friends and experts as filters to garner “the best” customized information to counter information overload.  The article doesn’t suggest a role for libraries/librarians!
  5. Cloud computing – apps on a server instead of the desktop.  I was thinking about this while helping set up my mom’s new PC – she only writes letters & documents occasionally, so why buy MS Office if she can get by with Google Docs?
  6. Internet TV & Movies – I seldom record on my VCR any longer, since network programming is free (advertiser supported) at network websites or locations like Hulu
  7. “Convergence conundrum” – some technologies are converging – my phone takes pictures and plays music, so why carry a camera or iPod? On the other hand, some individual technologies are bucking that trend, like the single-purpose eReaders.  The article suggests that eReaders are a fad, but won’t go away in 2010.
  8. Social gaming – anyone for Scrabble (or Farmville) on Facebook?
  9. Mobile payments – big in Asia right now, but hasn’t caught on yet in the US
  10. “Fame abundance, privacy scarcity”  – I’m trying out a new app on my personal laptop that shows headlines all the time – but it seems to lean heavily toward celebrity-based “news.” Does a prediction coming from CNN make this a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Check out the full article: Peter Cashmore, 1o Web Trends to Watch in 2010,