Renewed threats to privacy

Mike brings this article to our attention:

FBI wants records kept of Web sites visited.

Mike writes that:

What sounds like a noble initiative to stop illicit activity on the Internet could very well be an invasion of our privacy for not only us but our end-users as well. You gotta wonder why the the FBI doesn’t go after the creators of these sites, monitor them and carry out their anti-criminal initiatives that way rather than trying to manage millions of internet users’  Web activities.

Contrast the FBI’s request with Hillary Clinton’s recent Remarks on Internet Freedom.  Secretary Clinton discusses human rights, cybercrime, government censorship.  The challenge, Secretary Clinton points out, is to provide security and address criminal uses of the Internet,  but “these challenges must not become an excuse for governments to systematically violate the rights and privacy of those who use the internet for peaceful political purposes.”

Food for thought.

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