Evidence-based web design

Do any of us still get to write our own library web pages?  Now that the Internet & intranets are mainstream instead of “fringe” the way they were back when libraries first embraced them, my hospital’s IT and marketing departments aren’t so sure they want the library doing its own thing …

Regardless of whether we do it ourselves, or someone else designs and writes pages for us, Six Revision’s article 10 Usability Tips Based on Research Studies presents well-thought-out information to assist in developing websites that are easy to use.  The article debunks some “common knowledge” rules (“3-click rule,”  “above-the-fold rule”) as well as giving pointers on fonts, white space, readability, where to place information on the page, navigation, and getting the small details right.  For each tip, links are provided for sources and further reading.

Thanks to librarian.net

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