Second-hand spam

Just catching up on my reading, and adding some new Delicious bookmarks (see them on the left side of this page), when I ran into some sneaky spam: a comment on an interesting article, with the commenter’s name linked to the type of message that my email spam filter would block. (“Buy your [insert medical condition here] drugs here! No need to shop anywhere else!”)

As well as writing the posts for the MHSLA Blog, I serve as “blog mom,” deciding which comments to allow or disallow. I’m always torn when a commenter says something interesting, but uses the comment format in an attempt to drive traffic to a “commercial” site.  I tend to err on the side of deleting the comment if it isn’t substantive and/or from someone who uses a real name.

This is a common problem; read more about it at the librarians’ favorite resource (the one we use, but try to steer our customers away from):

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