Medical Information Blog Carnival

Laika’s MedLibLog hosts an archive of links to the medical library blog postings constituting the blog carnival MedLibs Round (soon to be called Medical Information Matters).

Interesting concept,  the blog carnival.  Jacqueline (“Laika”) explains in Medlibs Round First Edition.  In essence, each issue is hosted by a different medical library blogger, who solicits posts concerning an announced theme. The host summarizes the submitted posts and provides links to them.  This is a terrific way to explore not only the topics/themes but also to find interesting new blogs in an arena that’s constantly changing.

This month’s host is Daniel Hooker, at Health Libraries, Medicine and the Web. As he describes his theme:

I’d love to see posts on new things you’re trying out this year: new projects, teaching sessions, innovative services. Maybe it’s something tried and true that you’d like to reflect on. And this goes for anyone starting out fresh this term, not just librarians! We should all be brimming with enthusiasm; the doldrums of winter have yet to set in. If you can find the time to reflect and even just write up your busy workday, I’ll do my best to weave them all together. I, for one, hope to describe some of the projects that I’m involved with at my new workplace.

I look forward to checking it out!



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