Older readers embrace e-readers

It’s always interesting to watch the state-of-the-art, bleeding edge technology become a standard.  One way to tell when a technology is approaching that state: we start to observe it in the hands of older people who haven’t been “early adopters.”

A couple of retired physicians now call on me to email them articles from the latest journals.  The technology has been around a while, but it seems that  high-capacity personal email boxes and high-quality personal printers are now more readily available and easy to use.

And my mom is learning advanced Google techniques at her public library; high-speed access, sophisticated searching, and reliance on the Internet for daily information needs are also getting to be standard in many homes.

An article in the Omaha World-Herald suggests that another technology is becoming widely accepted: the tablet-type e-reader.  Older Readers Kindle Fondness for E-Readers reports that larger type size, easy-on-the-eyes backgrounds, convenient downloads and ease of use are making e-readers popular among seniors.

It will be interesting to see how this technology affects library services.