FDA Social Media hearings

Emerging Technologies Librarian at University of Michigan is posting a series of reports on the November FDA public forum intended to inform FDA’s development of guidelines for their use of social media  (FDASM).  Her posts include commentary as well as links to videos and documents.

Why do we care?  As she says,

The FDA guidelines will very likely shape non-health guidelines for social media and may very well impact on health communications in broader spheres, especially that of information professionals, health advocates, and potentially the general public. Please see http://fdasm.com for more information on how you can contribute to the dialog.

While the FDA posted two 8-hour videos of the hearings, some of the material has been broken down into more manageable pieces as individual speakers have uploaded their bits to YouTube.  A playlist of these videos (for those who can get to YouTube) has been posted at UM Health Sciences Libraries blog: FDA Social Media Forum Videos: Thought Leaders & Opinions.  The playlist can also be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/perplexitypeccable#g/c/C1A3ED9EF1F5BB8E. The first video in the playlists includes an interview explaining the FDA’s interest in using social media to communicate with the public, referencing the peanut product recall that occurred earlier this year.

Check out Emerging Technology Librarian’s posts on FDASM: http://etechlib.wordpress.com/?s=fdasm