Google stories

A Bing search box has turned up at the top of our browsers at work, and I’ve used it a few times, and it’s OK. But I’m still a Google user just because I’m comfortable with it.  So today’s NPR story, “Bing vs. Google: a weeklong experiment” was really intriguing.  National correspondant James Fallows used Bing … or rather, started to use Bing … to track facts for a news story. He found some things missing from Bing, and some missing from Google, and had the best results using‘s side-by-side display of the two.   Try it out!  (Remember Dogpile?)

Another recent Google story in Search Engine Land: Google’s Personalized Results: the “new normal” that deserves extraordinary attention. Earlier this month, Google announced in its blog that personalized search will now be available to signed-out users. While it’s possible to opt out — see the Google Blog story for details — most of the time, most search results will be “customized” to reflect previous searches.  The Search Engine Land story explores the implications.

— Google’s Personalized Results story via Jessamyn West’s the nature of observing disturbs the observed


Firefox enhancements for Google

I’m restricted to Internet Explorer on the job, but I love being able to customize Firefox at home.

Dennis O’Reilly at the Worker’s Edge passes on some hints for optimizing Google searching with his post Three Firefox add-ons enhance Google.  The add-ons:

  • GoogleEnhancer, which  pulls some of the Advanced Search options into drop-down boxes next to the Google Search box and offers ways to customize the Google results screen
  • Googlepedia, to run your Google search in Wikipedia and display the results on the right side of your Google results screen
  • Search Cloudlet, providing tag clouds for Google results